During these 11 years we have come to develop long-term relationships with domestic and foreign companies, it is how we account for some of our success stories in which our clients found in LandSoft essential support in the development of its corporate strategy.

Landsoft - Casos de exito

CLIENT: Soluciones Inmobiliarias

PROJECT: Purchase Process Automation

Soluciones Inmobiliarias is a company in the construction sector that has found in LANDSOFT’S automation solutions, a value alternative to improve their purchase applications that allow you to optimize the process and comply with the standards required by the auditing of each of its works.

Landsoft :: Analítica de planeación

CLIENT: National University Of Colombia

PROJECT: Analytics for Planning Area

Planning area of the National University of Colombia did not have a tool that would allow it to analyze their own institution data online and in real time. LANDSOFT has developed a tool that allows you to make each descriptive analysis of each of the most important aspects of the Institution: Mission (Teaching and Research), Finance and Human talent.

Now the University has better information and more timely with which it can direct its development and growth.

Landsoft :: Automatización de Procesos Administrativos

CLIENT: National University of Colombia

PROJECT: Business Process Automation

The National University of Colombia – Medellin Headquarters, has been a LANDSOFT’S client since our inception, there we have been able to bring innovative solutions to improve the operation of the institution, especially in the areas of academic and administrative services. At the National University of Colombia – Medellín, they have been automated over 5 mission-critical and complex processes, each of which serves more than 250 cases per month, allowing them to better management of resources and greater efficiency in handling requests.

National University has developed a complete process platform with the Gold version of ProcessMaker and integration with corporate systems such as Active Directory, administrative and financial system, academic information system among others.



PROJECT: Ensurance Management Platform

This project was about the adaptation and implementation of a solution for managing the business of insurance. AVLA is an insurance company credit based in Santiago de Chile that in two years, with the help of LANDSOFT, was able to put into operation an entire platform for ensurance business management, which has allowed it to expand to other countries.

AVLA is still a LANDSOFT’S client.