L·E·M·N·I·S·C·A·T·A is a Smart Workforce Planning software for your company, which significantly decrease the operational effort related with the creation of the shifts for everyone of your team members. Using L·E·M·N·I·S·C·A·T·A you get planning that respond to your company needs, improving the perception of order, efficiency and equity in the staff planning, which has a positive impact in the working enviroment.

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We want to reach our customers in different industry sectors prefabricated enabling them to achieve excellent levels of productivity with moderate cost products, and the possibility of extending them to suit their business models. We offer various alternatives in terms of licensing and service levels that meet the needs and tastes of all our customers.



FÁRFARA is a Platform for Interactive Learning, Accompaniment, Self-Management, Tracking and Analysis, for Patients with Chronical diseases. With FÁRFARA, the patients have an innovative way to learn more about their own diseases, the treatments they follow and to get some tips and recomendations that help them to improve their quality of life. To the doctor – FÁRFARA is an alternative channel to interact with the patient through which it is possible to track frequent and timely to each one of his patients. To the health institutions and the assurance companies – FÁRFARA is a new way to support the promotion and prevention programs, with the integration of several tools that benefits the doctor-patient relationship, while improves the medical condition of the chronical patient, offering more and better tools to the professional health staff and while decongested the medical centers.

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Markets move and change rapidly. Globalization prints a pace that does not support business interruption or delay. In this context, your company needs to regularly optimize its production processes; and, of course, nimbly manage any technological improvement in their products. Meet it with experts LANDSOFT. Our technology solutions are high productivity services with competitive price.